When it comes to adding a floor lamp to your living room, bedroom, or home office, you have a wide range of residential indoor light options to browse at your local lighting store. This retailer carries a number of floor lamps in many different styles. One product you'll often find is a tower lamp, which gets its name because of its tall, narrow shape. This lamp can be ideal if you don't have a lot of free floor space and don't want to create clutter. Beyond its size and look, you'll want to evaluate the features that different tower lamps offer. Here are three that you'll find particularly handy.

Foot Switch

You'll see some tower lamps that you can turn on and off with a floor switch. This switch is attached to a wire and will sit on the floor just a short distance from the base of the lamp. A lot of people find that using a floor switch is more convenient than using a hand switch. For example, if you're walking into a dark room and have your hands full, it's easy to simply press on the foot switch with your foot instead of trying to set whatever you're carrying down and then fumbling in the dark for the hand switch.

Storage Shelf

While some tower lamps have an enclosed design from bottom to top, others feature one or more open shelves. Regardless of where you plan to place this lamp, there's a good chance that you can benefit from additional storage space. You may wish to use the shelves to hold decorations, or they may be handy in a more functional way. For example, if you're reading beside the lamp, you can place some books or magazines on one of the shelves and use another shelf to hold a cup of coffee or a glass of water.

Light Adjustment

Instead of choosing a tower lamp that you can simply turn on or off, it's ideal if you choose a lamp that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light. There are some different options on the market. Some of these lights have a slider switch that allows you to dim or brighten the light to your desired level. Others allow you to press the switch once for one level of brightness, twice for another level of brightness, and so on. Browse a selection of lower lamps at a lighting store in your community.