Many companies hand out keychains as a promotional product. Companies that customize and sell promotional items will generally have all sorts of different keychains that you may wish to order. While giving out a standard keychain may appeal to some people, it can generally be a better idea to choose a type of keychain that offers some specific functionality. You may find that more people are eager to use your branded keychain when it helps them with something. Here are some useful types of promotional keychains that you may wish to consider.

Bottle Opener

A popular type of keychain features a bottle opener at one end. This device will have numerous surfaces that you can customize with your brand's information, including your organization's name, website address, and perhaps even a slogan. People who often drink bottled beer will appreciate this type of keychain. When such an individual is visiting a friend's home and the host arrives with some beer, this person can quickly produce their bottle opener keychain and open each of the bottles before the host can retrieve their own bottle opener.

No-Touch Tool

In today's day and age, many people feel reluctant to touch certain surfaces in public areas, particularly if they don't have hand sanitizer immediately available. For such individuals, a keychain that features a no-touch tool will be a good product. These tools have different designs, but are made of aluminum or plastic and allow people to perform all sorts of daily functions without touching things with their hands. For example, you can use a no-touch tool to open a door, press an elevator button, and more. These products are available in many different colors, so you can choose a design that suits your organization's colors.

Fidget Device

Another option to consider for ordering promotional keychains that people will find useful is to focus on keychain fidget devices. There are many different fidget device keychains on the market, and lots of promotional product companies carry multiple examples. These products will be a popular choice for those who find comfort in occupying their hands. For example, if such an individual is sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office, riding public transportation, or in many other environments, they may reach for their fidget keychain and begin playing with it. Depending on the type of fidget device you choose, it will have one or more surfaces on which your organization's information can appear.

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