Every family has unique holiday traditions they celebrate. If you have a younger child, then you can think of many ways to incorporate new traditions into holidays. Christmas Eve is always a special time, and one new tradition you can start is gifting a book and plushie set every Christmas Eve.

The tradition is not only a fun way to kick off the Christmas celebration, but it comes with many benefits as well.

1. Emphasis On Reading

Gifting a book on its own is an ideal way to put a little extra emphasis on reading. On Christmas morning, it's easy for a book to get lost in the mix with other holiday gifts. When you put an emphasis on a reading gift, your child will look forward to the book more. A plushie just acts as a bonus and can often fit into the theme of the book.

For example, you may purchase a giraffe plushie and children's book set. The giraffe would match the main character of the book and create a fun theme you could also expand with matching pajamas and other gifts.

2. Relaxing The Child

Christmas comes with a lot of excitement and anxiety for a child. On the night before Christmas, you will want to find ways to relax a child and keep them calm before all the excitement begins on Christmas morning. Take your time to lay down and read the book. A child can also cuddle with the plushie while you read and get more out of the story.

Afterward, you can talk about the story together. By the end, the child should be ready to go to sleep.

3. An Annual Tradition

The plushie and book set gift does not have to be a one-time thing on Christmas Eve. You have the opportunity to create an annual tradition that can grow with your child. As your child gets older, you can find longer books to purchase and still get them stuffed animals.

Once a child has grown past the stuffed animal stage, consider a collectible to go with the book. For example, you could purchase a small collectible statue or bobblehead to match one of the characters of the book. The tradition will become something the child looks forward to and will create family memories that will last for years to come.

Start off with a simple plushie and book set now to see how the tradition pans out. Either way, your child will have a lot of excitement with the opportunity to open a Christmas gift early.