Taffy contains a mix of sugar, cornstarch, salt, and flavorings. The ingredients form a sticky substance that is pulled by hand or machine, prior to being shaped into sticks, balls, and other predetermined shapes. If taffy is one of your favorite candy varieties and you would like to incorporate it during a small festive gathering that is going to be enjoyed with your children and some of your friends, come up with some competitions that require the use of taffy candy

Piñata Competition

A piñata that is filled with taffy pieces that are of various sizes and thicknesses will appeal to most people who enjoy sweets and will add a bit of color to the bounty that everyone will be attempting to grab. Purchase boxes or bags of taffy that each contain a mix of savory and sour taffy varieties.

Some candy manufacturers promote unique flavors that may contain a combination of two different taffy types. Fill a piñata with the candies and secure the piñata to a tree limb or an immobile object that is on your property. Hand out cups that can be used to collect taffy that has fallen onto the ground.

Candy Toss

If the party is going to be held in honor of a holiday, use a symbol of the holiday to guide you in creating a bowl that can be used for a candy toss game. For instance, if the gathering will be Halloween-themed, purchase a plastic pumpkin container or carve a real pumpkin. Separate taffy by flavor and place each candy type in a dish.

Allow your guests to take turns tasting the taffy and guessing what flavor each variety is. When someone gets a flavor right, instruct them to take another piece of taffy and attempt to land it in the Halloween bowl. Keep track of who guesses the most taffy flavors correctly and award them with the candy-filled bowl when the competition is over.


Because small pieces of taffy that are wrapped in paper are lightweight, the candies can double as bingo chips. Tell the participants of the game that they are to refrain from eating any of the taffy and should only use the pieces to mark their bingo cards. When a winner is declared, award them with the taffy pieces that remain on their card. Instruct everyone else to empty their cards and place the taffy pieces back in the cup or the bowl that they retrieved them from.