The iconic Cuban link chain soared into popularity during the 70s and 80s with the rise of the Hip Hop movement. Since then, you can see it draped around the necks of star athletes, musicians, and even business people. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate a Cuban link chain necklace into your style.

What Chain to Purchase

The Cuban link chain also called the Miami Cuban link, is a wide, thick-linked chain with tight spaces. They come in a variety of colors such as yellow gold, rose gold, and polished steel. While you can purchase a 10k gold chain, quality starts at 14k and up. 10k gold is the lowest quality while still being able to be legally called gold and is most likely to trigger metal allergies. Cuban link chains come in thicknesses of 8mm to 14mm or higher. The thickness you choose depends on your style. 

Match Tones

The first rule of wearing jewelry is to match metal tones. If you are wearing a gold bracelet, wear a gold necklace. There are instances of people mixing silver with gold but avoid this unless you're a style pro. Be mindful of the colors you are wearing. Gold goes best with warmer earthy tones like green, yellow, or brown. Silver looks best with cold tones like royal blue, dark purple, or grey. Because colors come in different hues, this isn't a hard and fast rule.

How to Keep it Simple

A Cuban link chain can be paired with virtually any style. You can wear it in a t-shirt and jeans or you can wear it in a formal suit. If you like a more understated, simple look, go with a smaller or shorter chain that hangs just under your collar bone. Pair it with a watch on one wrist and a Cuban link bracelet on the other. Match your chain with a tie clip and cuff links to bring a formal style together. 

How to Keep It Flashy

For those of you who like to be flashy, go for a width of 10mm and up. Also, the longer the chain, the more dramatic the effect. You can do flash on flash and wear an eyecatching shirt with the chain or wear a plain shirt and let your necklace steal the show. If you are feeling really daring, try layering several small width chains of varying lengths or grab a chain that is diamond-encrusted. With a shirt or without, this is bound to draw eyes. 

Go with a men's 14k yellow gold Cuban link chain necklace for affordable style while still maintaining quality. Gold also has the added value of appreciating over time. When you choose a Cuban link chain, you pay homage to the annals of Hip Hop history.