If your child has expressed interest in a large shark pillow, you might be eager to get it for them — until you realize just how big the pillow is. Many shark pillows can measure several feet in length, which can obviously make for a fun play toy but may pose storage challenges. Don't let your concerns over the length of this pillow keep you from buying one for your child to enjoy. Here are three simple storage options that you can employ with a shark pillow.

In A Stuffed Animal Net

Many children have stuffed animal nets in their rooms. Although the design can vary slightly, these nets are typically large enough to accommodate several stuffed animals of different sizes and hang from the ceiling. A stuffed animal net can be the perfect place to store a large shark pillow so that it doesn't clutter your child's bedroom. If you're interested in this storage method but don't have a net, you can likely buy it wherever you buy the shark pillow for your child.

On The Bed

One way that you can effectively store the shark pillow is to embrace its fun and unique appearance, rather than try to jam it out of sight. To this end, consider giving it a place to live on your child's bed. For example, you might consider placing the shark pillow across the head of the bed. It will look good in this position, while also offering some functionality. When your child is reading in bed, the bulk of the shark pillow will provide support behind their head and shoulders. When it's time to turn the light out, your child can move the shark pillow to the foot of the bed.

On A Shelf

Consider installing a shelf on the wall of your child's bedroom that is long enough and wide enough to accommodate not only the shark pillow but also some other associated items that your child may have. For example, if your child has other pillows or stuffed animals of ocean creatures, they could place them on the shelf beside the shark pillow. This can especially be a good idea if your child's bedroom has an ocean theme — perhaps with walls that you've painted blue and decorated with posters of ocean creatures. In this scenario, having the pillow on a shelf will look like it belongs.

For more information, contact a store that carries kids' plush shark pillows.