If you want to give your yard a decorative, rustic look, consider setting up a wagon wheel planter display. The wood decoration will blend in seamlessly with its natural surroundings, adding a charming touch to either your outdoor or indoor space.

Wagon wheel planters are either repurposed from old, vintage wheels or made from new wood. You can either buy them pre-made from a specialized garden center or a home product retailer, or you can create them yourself using antique wheels found at second-hand shops or even yard sales. You can either place the planter display in your front yard to add plenty of charming curbside value or in your backyard to enhance your flower or vegetable garden. 

If you want to personalize the look of the wagon wheel planter, you can paint it any color you desire, such as white, red, yellow, or blue. Use paint that is rated for outside use so that it withstands the natural elements and resists mold and mildew damage. If you want to stay with the natural look, you can enhance the wood grain patterns with a stain. 

Here are some wagon wheel planter display ideas for your yard.

1. Entire Wagon

If you have a vintage wood wagon and don't know how to put it to use, transform it into an eye-catching planter. Place the wagon in the perfect location, such as near your front door, and then fill it with greenery and flowers.

You can either fill the entire wagon with dirt and plant flowers directly in it, or you can place different plant pots in the wagon instead. Use a variety of different plants and colorful flowers, such as yellow daisies, purple hyacinth, and red roses, for a vibrant visual display. 

As the seasons change, switch out the plants to give your outdoor space a festive touch. For instance, fill the wagon with gourds, small pumpkins, and Indian corn during the fall months. 

2. Single Wheel

If you just have just one wagon wheel, place it directly on the ground in your garden and plant flowers or herbs in between the individual spokes. Again, use different types of plants or flowers to create an interesting display. 

3. Wheel Wreath

As another idea, hang the wagon wheel on your front door and wrap either real or faux greenery around it. You can add different floral touches, such as poinsettias during Christmas, to reflect specific seasons or holidays. 

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