Pawn loan services are desirable because they are quick and easy. If you do not have to wait for a credit check nor do you have to wait around for funding to be approved. You can pawn an item and receive the money for the loan immediately. One of the issues that you may have is figuring out what jewelry item to pawn when you are in need of a loan. If you have to choose between different types of jewelry, here are some ways to decide what to pawn. 

Go with solid jewelry

Pawn loans tend to be offered based on the worth of the jewelry. For this reason, you should pick jewelry that is solid in gold, silver, or titanium. Solid jewelry tends to have a higher value which can often easily be determined by the ounce. Find jewelry in your collection that is made of solid precious metal so that you can ask for the type of loan that you need. This type of jewelry can easily be found in the form of band rings, simple necklaces, and bracelets. 

Choose something trendy

Pieces of jewelry that you can afford to pawn are pieces that tend to be more trendy. Classic pieces, such as pearls or a simple diamond ring can be worn with any type of outfits. Pawning a trendy piece of jewelry may get you a high loan value, especially if the piece is currently in style and is currently desirable. Trendy pieces may be name brand jewelry, colored jewelry rings, and bangles made of precious metals. Take several pieces to the pawn shop with you to figure out what is worth more at the time. 

Take pieces you just purchased

One of the best ideas for getting a pawn loan for the amount that you need is to take the piece that you acquired last to the pawn shop. A recently purchased piece of precious jewelry is one that is likely interesting to buyers on the market. While some may not be interested in old family heirlooms, they will be interested in getting a deal on currently desired pieces. Pawning the last purchase piece can also be easier on your nerves, because you may not have had a chance to get used to wearing it. This means that it will be easier to go without during the time of your pawn loan. The last purchased piece is also easier to remember a price for so that you know what to expect as a loan offer.