Are you already shopping for Christmas presents? If so, hats off to you! By shopping early, you'll more than likely avoid crowds and more easily find parking spaces. From making a list to heading to a shopping mall, here are some ideas that might help you have an enjoyable shopping experience as you buy Christmas gifts for friends and family members.

Make A Detailed List - First, write down the names of everybody on your Christmas list. Don't forget people like your spouse's secretary or your own secretary and the names of people in your book club. Of course, at the top of your list will more than likely be your family members and close friends. Do you exchange gifts with neighbors? Write that down, too. What about silly gifts that you might take to a white elephant gift exchange? Include a few in that category, too. Now think about how you can divide the list up. For example, if there are children on your list, place them in one category. If there are teenagers on your list, divide them into a boy list and a girl list. Adult men would have their own list, as will the adult women on your list. Dividing the list into categories might simplify your life once you head out to do your shopping.

Go To A Shopping Mall - Have you considered that you can more than likely find every single gift you need right at your nearest shopping mall? Or, if you live in the country and you want to make your shopping easy, just head to a shopping mall like Peninsula Town Center in a town or city closest to you. At the mall you will be able to find kid's gifts at a store that carries toys. Perhaps you can even dress a stuffed animal at a store that carries them and buy the clothes that will complete the gift. The teenagers on your list will more than likely love to receive either music or clothes. Both can be found right at the shopping mall. Do you need a very special gift, say a piece of fine jewelry? There will probably be several jewelry stores for you to check out before you make that important purchase. There will probably be specialty stores that carry food baskets for your neighbors, too. 

If you do decide to do all of your Christmas shopping at a mall, think of treating yourself to lunch and a cookie. You'll probably have lots of choices on those, too.