If your police officers will be attending riots in your area, they will need the right type of gear to keep them safe. If you have never purchased this type of gear before it can be confusing. To help you, below is information about four gear types so you can start purchasing what you need.

1. Riot Helmet

For any police offers that drive a motorcycle they need a helmet, but for a riot, they need a riot helmet. Offers that will be at the riot also need a riot helmet even if they are not using a motorcycle. This type of helmet is much more durable and has a thicker face shield. This will keep their face from being injured because people at the riot may throw things. The faces are generally bulletproof and they have a part that extends to protect the back of your neck.

This type of helmet has a secure chin strap so that the helmet will not fall off easily. In most cases, the strap will be easy for you to take off just in case you need to remove the helmet. You will find helmets that are full face or half face, so it depends on the type of riot you are attending on how much protection you need.

If you think you will have to use any type of tear gas or other types of agents for riot control, you need to also wear a gas mask.

2. Riot Shield

People at the riot may get into fights and start pushing at each other. These people may also turn on police officers, as well as through things at them such as large rocks or bricks. For this reason, you need to have a riot shield.

The shield should be large enough to cover much of your body. It will have a handle in the middle for you to hold onto the shield. These shields are made with a special type of thick plastic that can withstand anything thrown at it. They also have shields that are bulletproof, so if the riot is very bad, this is something you should consider. These shields come in different sizes so that you can purchase the correct size for each police officer. For example, if someone is short, it would be hard for them to handle a long shield.

Talk to a company that sells riot gear and police helmets, and they can go over this information with you in more detail. They will also tell you other gear you need to purchase.