The kitchen is often the heart and soul of the home. It's the place where you gather to prepare meals, share snacks, and talk about the events of the day. The family refrigerator can play an integral role in helping your family communicate and bond. Here are a few ways to use your refrigerator as a fun family communication center.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards offer a convenient way to jot down quick notes, whether it's a message stating you are out doing the grocery shopping or it's a list of things you need to purchase for your next shopping trip. Invest in one of these whiteboards, and purchase a pack of multicolored wipe-clean markers. Assign a different color to every family member, and use only your assigned color to leave notes. This makes it easy for people to know who left the note, and it brings a bit of cheerful color to the fridge.

Funny Fridge Magnets

Communicating with your family isn't just about telling people where you are or what the plans are for the day. It can also be used to set the mood for each day. Consider purchasing a variety of funny fridge magnets, and use them as a "joke of the day" on your refrigerator. As you make this a daily habit, your family members will look forward to seeing what the next day's funny message or saying will be. You can even purchase magnet sets that let you build your own joke by mixing and matching different words and letters.

Magnetic Cork Boards

Your family fridge is often the place to display your children's artwork and report cards, and it can also be the place you keep menus for favorite takeout restaurants. However, all these papers on the fridge can lead to a jumbled, messy look. Instead, consider investing in a magnetic cork board. This board lets you pin notices, school work, menus, and other pieces of essential information. With all of the papers contained in one area, the fridge maintains a neat look. You can even invest in several of these boards to use on the sides of the fridge for even more ways to display artwork and other papers.

Magnetic Calendar

Do you have trouble remembering who is going to soccer practice on Thursday or what time the dance recital is next Saturday? Keeping track of after-school activities, doctors appointments, and family gatherings can be tricky, but adding a magnetic calendar to the fridge can make it easier. A whiteboard calendar lets you write down and erase appointments throughout each month, while a cardboard magnetic calendar with pages for each month lets you begin planning events in advance. Both options are great for keeping schedules organized, so you'll just need to decide which one works best for your family.

Get more out of your family's refrigerator by using these ideas to communicate, laugh, and plan the time you spend with those you hold near and dear.