If you have an earring that is missing a stone, a ring that is wearing thin or a necklace with broken links, you may be looking to have the piece ofjewelry repaired. There are many important questions to ask when you are looking to hire a jeweler to make the repairs, including asking how much it will cost and if the jeweler carries insurance in case your jewelry goes missing. However, there are a few other questions that are equally as important to ask that you may be unaware of. Here are three of the lesser known questions you should ask when you are looking to hire a jeweler to repair your jewelry. 

Do You Repair the Jewelry In House?

One of the questions that you want to ask when you are looking to hire a jeweler to repair your jewelry is whether or not the jewelry is repaired in-house or not. Some jewelers repair your jewelry onsite. Other companies mail your jewelry to other facilities or centers to be repaired. When possible, you want to find a jeweler who repairs in-house. This gives you the ability to control where your jewelry is and allows you to know who is handling it. If it is shipped off, it can get lost more easily, or you may not know who is actually repairing it. 

Do You Use a Laser Welder?

Another important question to ask is whether they use a laser welder to repair jewelry. There are many ways that jewelry can be repaired. However, a laser welder is one of the most accurate ways to make repairs to jewelry. Most places have gone from hand repairing jewelry to using laser welders due to its precision, accuracy and clean lines. If you want the repairs to be unnoticeable, look for a jeweler that repairs with a laser welder. 

Will the Jewelry Look Exactly the Same? 

The last question you should ask is whether your jewelry will look exactly the same as it did before or whether changes will need to be made to the design. In some cases, the jewelry can be made to look exactly the same as it did prior to the damage being done. In other cases, the design may need to slightly change to support the weight of the stone or the metal. If the design is going to change, always ask for a drawing or computer image of how the design will change to ensure you like the changes before they are made. 

Asking these questions, as well as the questions you likely already know to ask, will help you find a reputable jeweler to complete the repairs to your jewelry.