If you oversee a production crew and would like to educate your staff members about new products that will be sold in the upcoming future and tips associated with manufacturing finished goods that could help your workers complete job duties, the suggestions that follow will help you introduce information to your crew in an interesting manner.

Create A NeoBook Application

NeoBook is a program that will allow you to create an application that is interactive and that contains pictures, descriptions, and audio clips. After downloading NeoBook, follow the instructions listed on the program's main page to create an application that will be educational and intriguing.

If you would like to add the application to an existing website that your business uses, simply mail your workers a link to the application so that they can browse the information that you have prepared. Workers can review information at home or during a break on a routine work day. Update the application whenever you have new information that you would like to introduce to keep your workers fully aware of new products or work responsibilities. 

Provide Visual Aids And Live Demonstrations

When it is time for new products to be manufactured and you have received materials and equipment for workers to use to create finished goods, hold a meeting to provide workers with a glimpse of the new items and to demonstrate how equipment needs to be operated to produce products.

During the meeting, encourage workers to speak up and ask any questions about the new products or steps needed to make them. Afterward, lead your workers to the portion of the building where products are assembled and provide everyone with a live demonstration of how you would like employees to use new materials and machinery to produce finished goods. 

Quiz Workers And Monitor Progress

After changes have been made and the new products are produced on a routine basis, quiz your workers at random times and reward them for answering questions properly. Quizzes can be given on paper or verbally. After employees have attempted to answer all of the questions the correct way, review the quiz with each person and specify the proper answers.

Give small gifts or monetary awards to the people who have answered the most questions correctly. Monitor your employees progress by visually inspecting products that they produce and by watching workers as they use equipment and materials that you have provided them with.