If your home tends to get a little too cold during the winter, and your current heating sources are just not doing a good job keeping your warm, you should consider investing in a pellet stove. A pellet stove is a great primary or supplemental heating source. 

#1 Environmentally Friendly

A pellet stove is an environmentally friendly heating source. Pellet stoves burn small pellets to heat up your home.

These pellets are usually made out of recycled sawmill by-products. These pellets can also be made out of corn. Pellets are designed to reuse other products, making them an environmentally friendly heating source.

Pellets are also really dry and do not have much moisture in them. Pellets burn hotter and are a cleaner energy source than a wood burning fireplace. With a wood burning fireplace, the wood you burn generally has a higher moisture profile and does not burn as clean nor does it produce as much heat as pellets.

#2 Small Profile

Second, pellet stoves have a very small profile. You don't need to have a huge space in order to install a pellet stove. Modern pellet stoves can be made to look like traditional stoves with logs in them. They can also be made to look more sleek and modern, with only a small flame visible. 

Pellet stoves don't need to be very large to heat up your home. A very small sized pellet stove can heat up a very large area. You just need space to put the stove and an area where a chimney can be installed, to vent out the smoke produced by burning the pellets in your stove. 

#3 Good Air Circulation

Third, pellet stoves do not just produce heat, they help circulate heat as well. Pellet stoves have a motor inside of them that pushes the heat produced by the pellets out into your home. This fan is run by electricity or by a battery backup system. 

Freestanding pellet stoves just blow air directly into your home. Duct system pellet stoves come with inserts that push the air from the pellet stove through the duct system of your home, allowing your home to be heated via the duct system with heat from the pellet stove instead of heat from a furnace. 

If you are looking for a secondary heating source for your large home, or a primary heating source for your large home, a pellet stove is a great choice. It is an environmentally friendly heating source with a small profile that can provide your home with all the hot air it needs to be warm.