If you prefer to dress in a more modest manner, you might see visiting the beach as a bit of a challenge. After all, the bikinis and even the skimpy one-piece suits that are popular today are far from modest. But the beach is a beautiful, natural environment and a fun place to play -- so you should not let your modest preferences keep you away! Here are three tips to help you maintain a modest look on the beach.

Find a Beautiful Beachwear Tee Shirt

You may feel a bit strange wearing a big, baggy T-shirt while everyone else is marching around in bathing suits that look like underwear. But if you find a beautiful beachwear tee shirt you really love, this won't be an issue. Look for a more fitted shirt rather than one that hangs around you like a plastic bag. Find one with a bold print or pattern than you love, and you'll feel festive and beachy -- but not self-conscious. 

There are clothing companies that sell shirts specifically for beach use. These are typically made from water-resistant material so they don't get all damp and uncomfortable against your body. Choose one of these over a classic cotton shirt, which may attract sand and hold water against your skin.

Find Attractive Athletic Shorts

Longer athletic shorts can certainly be substituted as modest swimwear bottoms. They're usually made from material that wicks away moisture so you can get them wet without worry. Look for ones with a separate liner inside for a little extra protection between the sand and your rear end. These days, you can find athletic shorts in bright, bold patterns similar to those seen in swimwear -- which will help you fit in on the beach.

Bring An Extra Towel

If you want to lay out on the beach and soak up some rays, you may worry about your shorts or top riding up and exposing too much skin. You can prevent this problem as long as you have an extra towel on hand. It's easy to drape the towel over any part of your body that you don't want exposed to the public. Even a spare sheet will work and may be a better choice on a really hot day.

With the tips above, you can enjoy the beach without showing off too much of your body or feeling too uncomfortable. If you want to be comfortable, check out products from a company like Life At Sea Level.