Have you recently realized that you just own too much stuff? Perhaps you are realizing that you would like to fatten up your savings account or your checking account. If so, you might have been thinking about getting rid or things you don't need or use while at the same time adding money to your personal bank accounts. If so, from going through your entire house to selling your diamonds, here are some ideas on how to increase the money in your personal bank accounts.

Clarify The Reason

It might help you to have a better focus on increasing your bank accounts if you have a clear idea of why you want to do that.

  • Are you worried that you don't have enough money for your retirement years?
  • Do you find that you fall a bit short of money each month?
  • Perhaps you simply want more discretionary spending money.
  • You might be saving for a cruise or another type of travel.
  • Do you have a specified amount of money that you want to obtain?
  • Are other people, maybe your spouse, invested in your goal?

Think of writing down the reasons that you are focused on increasing your bank account or your bank accounts. Set a plan of how much money you want to accumulate to invest into the accounts, and even think about setting a date to meet your goal.

Make A Plan

  • Go through your house to see what you want to dispose of.
  • Plan a garage sale for things like household goods and clothes.
  • If you have things like antique jewelry you never wear, consider selling it to a jeweler.
  • Do you have things like diamond earrings and diamond rings you don't wear?
  • If you do, think of selling your diamonds to a service that specializes in diamond sales.
  • Your diamonds will sell at the current diamond price.

If you do decide to sell antique jewelry and more current diamond jewelry, don't worry if it is not in good condition. For the jewelry that will be resold in an antique shop, it can be repaired by you or by the service that will be selling it for you. Diamonds might be sold in their current condition to people who are collectors who are interested in reselling them or for their own personal collections.  Gold,platinum and other metals can be sold as well, though they might have to be taken to a service who buys precious metals. For more information, contact companies like Dock Bros Pawn Shop.