Custom shower pans are those sloped liners underfoot when you get into a shower stall. However, they are very much the same in every public shower room. Additionally, they are not that hygienic, as anyone can step into these stalls with foot diseases, urinate in the shower, spit in the shower, etc.. The mere thought is gross, but you can beat all these issues with a couple of shower pan solutions that are far more sanitary.

Commercially-Designed Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Viral Pans

These pans have been engineered to resist the absorption of all unpleasant bacteria, fungi, and viruses. That means that no matter what the previous person in the shower did, it has no lasting effect on the shower pan. That does not mean that it is self-cleaning, but it will prevent the spread of bio-contaminants common to public showers. Regular cleanings are still needed just to maintain health standards and appearances.

Disposable Shower Liner Pans

This is a much more costly option, but one that many consumers prefer. Everyone who uses the public showers in a gym or at a pool can purchase a pan liner. The liner drops into the shower stall pan and covers it up. (This is especially useful for controlling the spread of foot warts and athlete's foot.)

The consumers may choose to keep and reuse the pan liner, but they have to find a place to store it until they take a shower at their next visit. Most consumers toss them, as they are made of recyclable plastic. Then they buy a fresh disposable liner the next time around.

Single Sheets of Slate or Marble

Rather than tile or any other product that requires grout, ask a shower pan liner manufacturer about their single sheet slate or marble shower pans. These heavy-duty pans look very elegant, and there is no grout on the floor to catch fungi, bacteria, mildew, or viruses. Everything easily washes down the drain and is just as easily sanitized after every shower. No slip shower mats are recommended if you choose this option. Be sure to provide the measurements of each shower pan in your gym, pool, etc..

Non-Porous Stone

A final option is to use non-porous stone. Non-porous stone not only does not absorb water, but it will also block all of the nasty stuff and dirty habits some people bring with them into the public showers. It is also easy to clean since bleach will work just fine.