If your children are already seeing Santa in their dreams and writing down things they want, you can think of some things on your own. This will give them a big surprise and they may like the toys you choose for them even better than the ones on your list. Below are two of these toys so you can start shopping early for Christmas presents.

Wooden Dollhouse

You can find dollhouses in just about every toy store and they are generally made of plastic. If you want something that last and hold up well to small children, you should consider having a wooden dollhouse built for your child.

Wooden dollhouses are much more durable when compared to plastic and they are more authentic. When your child outgrows the dollhouse, you can store it away so they can give it to their own children.

When you purchase a plastic dollhouse in the toy store they are all the same and you cannot change anything. With a wooden dollhouse, however, you can create and design the dollhouse any way you want, as well as choose the accessories that you want to go with it.

When you receive the dollhouse you can paint it, if you prefer, or leave it natural. You can add lighting inside the dollhouse and make your own curtains for the windows.

There are companies that can make a wooden dollhouse for you. They have predesigned houses but you can also give them your own design. 

Wooden Play Kitchen

Along with the wooden dollhouse also add a wooden play kitchen to the list. A kitchen set lets your child practice their cooking skills and they can act like you. You can get the wooden play kitchen at the same company you purchase the dollhouse from.

You can tell the company the type of wood you want to use, as well as how large you want the kitchen set. Tell them how many drawers you want, the type of countertop, and if you want to have a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and cabinets.

Make sure the kitchen has a lot of storage space so your child can easily clean up when they finish playing. This will keep things neat and teach your child how to organize.

The company can also make a chair for your child to sit on while they are playing with their kitchen. Ask them if they can make the pots, pans, plates, cups, and utensils in wood. If not, you can find these at any toy store.

Talk with the toy company that can make these items for you if you have questions.